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EC Radar
Updated: @ 30/05/2016 19:55 - next update at 20:00  
Summary / Temperature Wind Rain / Snow Melt Outlook
Clear Clear
Currently: 23.7, Max: 29.4, Min: 16.7 23.7°C
Colder 1.3°C than last hour.


Feels like: 24°C

24-hr difference
0.8°CWarmer 0.8°C than yesterday at this time.
  Today Yesterday
High: 29.4°C
Low: 16.7°C
 Wind from NNW NNW
14.5 km/h
1 Bft - Light air
Today: 33.8 km/h 16:28
Gust Month: 51.5 km/h May 14
Rain Today: 0.0 mm
Rain Rate (/hr): 0.0 mm
Rain Yesterday: 0.0 mm
Storm Rain: mm
Rain this Month: 15.0 mm
Rain this Year: 156.0 mm
4 days since last rain.
Humidity & Barometer Almanac Moon
Humidity: 48 % Increased 6.0% since last hour.
Dew Point: 12.1°C Increased 1.1°C since last hour.
Barometer: 1012.70 mb Rising 0.1  mb/hr
Baro Trend: Rising slowly
Sunrise: 05:37
Sunset: 20:50
Moonrise: 02:20
Moonset: 14:18
Waning Crescent
Waning Crescent, Moon at 23 days in cycle
UV Index UV Index Forecast
   0.0    None
High: 0.0 @ 00:00
7.8     High 
 EC Weather Forecast  - Outlook: Monday night & Tuesday
Monday night
A few clouds
A few clouds

Min: 16
EC forecast: A few clouds. Wind northwest 20 km/h gusting to 40 becoming light this evening. Low 16.

Sager forecast: Fair; No important change. Some tendency for slight increase in winds during day, diminishing in evening. Northwest or North winds.

The Vicarage Weather Feed forecast: Increasing clouds with little temperature change.

Max: 24
Min: 12
EC forecast: Sunny. Wind becoming northwest 20 km/h in the morning. High 24. UV index 8 or very high.
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