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 Air Temperature   Water Temperature   Wind Direction @ Speed   Wind Gust Speed   Barometer   Barometer Trend   Wave Height   Wave Dominant Period 

n/a °C n/a °C Wind from SS 9 kph 17 kph n/a hPa n/a hPa n/a m n/a sec

0.9 °C n/a °C Wind from SS 5 kph 9 kph n/a hPa n/a hPa n/a m n/a sec

-1.7 °C 0.9 °C Wind from SS 2 kph 4 kph 1027.9 hPa n/a hPa n/a m n/a sec

2.1 °C n/a °C Wind from SSWSSW 11 kph 18 kph 1028.4 hPa -0.6 hPa n/a m n/a sec

3.0 °C n/a °C Wind from SSESSE 2 kph 4 kph 1026.9 hPa n/a hPa n/a m n/a sec

3.5 °C n/a °C Wind from SSWSSW 5 kph 8 kph 1025.4 hPa -0.7 hPa n/a m n/a sec

3.5 °C 2.9 °C Wind from SSWSSW 4 kph 5 kph 1027.6 hPa n/a hPa n/a m n/a sec

4.1 °C n/a °C Wind from SWSW 17 kph 18 kph 1027.5 hPa +0.0 hPa n/a m n/a sec

3.6 °C n/a °C Wind from SSWSSW 18 kph 21 kph n/a hPa n/a hPa n/a m n/a sec

3.7 °C n/a °C Wind from SSWSSW 9 kph 15 kph 1026.4 hPa +0.0 hPa n/a m n/a sec

1.6 °C n/a °C Wind from SSESSE 11 kph 13 kph 1027.4 hPa n/a hPa n/a m n/a sec

-0.7 °C n/a °C n/a n/a kph 1027.5 hPa n/a hPa n/a m n/a sec

East Lake Ontario (45012) - no recent report available Prince Edward Pt (45135) - no recent report available Oswego, NY at 2218: Air:n/a°C, Wtr:n/a°C, S@9kph G 17, n/ahPa, Wav:n/am Rochester, NY at 2200: Air:0.9°C, Wtr:n/a°C, S@5kph G 9, n/ahPa, Wav:n/am Olcott Harbour (OLCN6) - no recent report available Lake Simcoe (45151) - no recent report available West Lake Ontario, Grimsby (45139) - no recent report available Buffalo, NY at 2218: Air:-1.7°C, Wtr:0.9°C, S@2kph G 4, 1027.9hPa, Wav:n/am Dunkirk, NY at 2200: Air:2.1°C, Wtr:n/a°C, SSW@11kph G 18, 1028.4hPa, Wav:n/am NW Lake Ontario, Ajax ON (45159) - no recent report available Port Colborne, ON (45142) - no recent report available Port Stanley (45132) - no recent report available Geneva on the Lake (GELO1) - no recent report available Cleveland, OH at 2212: Air:3.0°C, Wtr:n/a°C, SSE@2kph G 4, 1026.9hPa, Wav:n/am West Lake Erie (45005) - no recent report available Huron Light at 2200: Air:3.5°C, Wtr:n/a°C, SSW@5kph G 8, 1025.4hPa, Wav:n/am Marblehead at 2212: Air:3.5°C, Wtr:2.9°C, SSW@4kph G 5, 1027.6hPa, Wav:n/am South Bass Island at 2200: Air:4.1°C, Wtr:n/a°C, SW@17kph G 18, 1027.5hPa, Wav:n/am Toledo Light No.2 at 2200: Air:3.6°C, Wtr:n/a°C, SSW@18kph G 21, n/ahPa, Wav:n/am St. Clair Shores at 2200: Air:3.7°C, Wtr:n/a°C, SSW@9kph G 15, 1026.4hPa, Wav:n/am Lake St.Clair (45147) - no recent report available Conneaut Breakwater Light, OH at 2200: Air:1.6°C, Wtr:n/a°C, SSE@11kph G 13, 1027.4hPa, Wav:n/am Niagara Intake, NY at 2212: Air:-0.7°C, Wtr:n/a°C, 1027.5hPa, Wav:n/am Niagara Coast Guard Station, NY (YGNN6) - no recent report available

ID Name Time
45012 East Lake Ontario No recent reports.
45135 Prince Edward Pt No recent reports.
OSGN6 Oswego, NY 2218 n/a n/a S Wind from S 9 17 n/a n/a n/a n/a
RPRN6 Rochester, NY 2200 0.9 n/a S Wind from S 5 9 n/a n/a n/a n/a
OLCN6 Olcott Harbour No recent reports.
45151 Lake Simcoe No recent reports.
45139 West Lake Ontario, Grimsby No recent reports.
BUFN6 Buffalo, NY 2218 -1.7 0.9 S Wind from S 2 4 1027.9 n/a n/a n/a
DBLN6 Dunkirk, NY 2200 2.1 n/a SSW Wind from SSW 11 18 1028.4 -0.6 n/a n/a
45159 NW Lake Ontario, Ajax ON No recent reports.
45142 Port Colborne, ON No recent reports.
45132 Port Stanley No recent reports.
GELO1 Geneva on the Lake No recent reports.
CNDO1 Cleveland, OH 2212 3.0 n/a SSE Wind from SSE 2 4 1026.9 n/a n/a n/a
45005 West Lake Erie No recent reports.
HHLO1 Huron Light 2200 3.5 n/a SSW Wind from SSW 5 8 1025.4 -0.7 n/a n/a
MRHO1 Marblehead 2212 3.5 2.9 SSW Wind from SSW 4 5 1027.6 n/a n/a n/a
SBIO1 South Bass Island 2200 4.1 n/a SW Wind from SW 17 18 1027.5 +0.0 n/a n/a
THLO1 Toledo Light No.2 2200 3.6 n/a SSW Wind from SSW 18 21 n/a n/a n/a n/a
CLSM4 St. Clair Shores 2200 3.7 n/a SSW Wind from SSW 9 15 1026.4 +0.0 n/a n/a
45147 Lake St.Clair No recent reports.
CBLO1 Conneaut Breakwater Light, OH 2200 1.6 n/a SSE Wind from SSE 11 13 1027.4 n/a n/a n/a
NIAN6 Niagara Intake, NY 2212 -0.7 n/a n/a n/a 1027.5 n/a n/a n/a
YGNN6 Niagara Coast Guard Station, NY No recent reports.

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NDBC Buoy Finder Map

Data and Imagery Courtesy of NDBC Buoy Center
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