Marine Traffic Map

[blueshipimage] Passenger Vessels. [lightgreenshipimage] Cargo Vessels. [redshipimage] Tankers. [yellowshipimage] High Speed Craft. [cyanshipimage] Tugs, Pilots etc.

[purpleshipimage] Yachts & Others. [brownshipimage] Fishing. [whiteshipimage] Ships Underway. [greyshipimage] Unspecified Ships.

[navigationimage] Navigation Aids. [unspecifiedimage] Anchored / Moored.

  • Hover over ships / boats for name, speed and direction information
  • Click on a ship / boat for data and track
  • Click and hold map to move to a different location
  • If you have a wheeled middle button mouse, then the wheel becomes a zoom in/out control

Data and Imagery Courtesy of Marine

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