This page shows the current status of the computer system

and weather station used in the operation of this website

Computer System Status

Operating System Version Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 (Windows 10)windows10
This website uses CumulusMXcumulusmx (3.13.2-b3147) for weather conditions reporting.
Station system up for 3 days 10 hours
Cumulus was last started 3 days 9 hours ago.
CPU Type AMD Athlon(tm) 5200. 2.3 GHz
CPU Core Count 2
Memory Status 2.2/3.9 GB (free/total)
System Memory Used By Cumulus 93.37 MB
Display Mode 1920x1080 32 bit
Total Size Of Disk 87.79 GB
Disk Space Available To Cumulus 69.69 GB


Weather Station Status

ISS Transmitter Power / Battery Status OK - Battery Poweredbattfull
Console Power / Battery Status / Voltage = Ok - 4.71battfull
Total Packets Received = 31007
Total Missed Packets = 286
Longest Run Of Consecutive Packets Received = 798
Number Of Packets Received With CRC Errors = 40
Total Console Resynchs With ISS = 0
Accuracy of Console Reception [Average reading from two transmitters] = 98.9%
Console Firmware Version 3.80
Console Data Last Read 21/09/21 10:20:00 PM
Days Since Cumulus Records Began 2915


Davis Station Type is a Davis Vantage Pro2
Console_Sensor__Reception green-led
Extra__Sensor___Reception green-led
Cumulus__Error__Reporting green-led


Latest Error Details
Cumulus Latest Error On ------ At


Davis Extra Sensor - Garden Pond Temperature -
Currently Low 0.0°C


WXRADIO Stream Online green-led


________________________________________Alarm Status_________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________


Latest update time as of
21/09/2021 22:24
CumulusMX realtime Current 0:01:32 21/09/2021 22:22
CumulusMX realtime gauges Current 0:01:31 21/09/2021 22:22
CumulusMX cloudbase Current 0:04:10 21/09/2021 22:20
CumulusMX FTP Current 0:04:00 21/09/2021 22:20
CumulusMX weather data Current 0:02:15 21/09/2021 22:22
CumulusMX NOAA report Current 22:24:11 21/09/2021 00:00
CumulusMX SQL Dayfile Current 0:04:03 21/09/2021 22:20
Weather Talk Data Current 0:01:27 21/09/2021 22:22
Weather Webcam Current 0:00:00 21/09/2021 22:24
Weather Stormcam Current 0:00:00 21/09/2021 22:24
Extra Log Current 0:04:05 21/09/2021 22:20
Fire Index Current 0:04:02 21/09/2021 22:20
Awekas Current 0:04:13 21/09/2021 22:20
BTsager Current 0:04:01 21/09/2021 22:20
COWN Conditions Current 0:17:47 21/09/2021 22:06
WeatherCloud Current 0:04:04 21/09/2021 22:20
Space Weather Current 0:06:03 21/09/2021 22:18



NEXRAD Radar KBUF status: Data not recent [last data 205:20:58 h:m:s ago] as of 21/09/2021 22:24

NWS WSR-88D Transmit/Receive Status

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